Boundaries Break Down Barriers

Nathan Smith Family, Life Skills

Believe it or not, boundaries actually break down barriers.  It may seem strange or even incorrect but a boundary and a barrier are not the same thing.  The problem is we can too easily equate the two and therefore rob ourselves of being able to appreciate the important differences.  You know that guy that talks too much at the office …

ask a question

Do You Care Enough To Ask A Question?

Nathan Smith Family, Personal Stories

Questions are amazing things.  They are basically invitations.  It’s nice to receive an invitation.  Maybe you don’t have time to go to the party or attend the event but you were invited and given the opportunity to participate…. and that feels nice.  A genuine, thoughtful question is the same.  It is like rolling out a red carpet to someone saying …

Save Christmas

Save Hundreds This Christmas

Nathan Smith Family, Life Skills

We are coming into crunch time as it relates to finishing up Christmas shopping.  People will be clamoring about, looking for deals and last minute treasures to buy and give as gifts just days later.  Thankfully, you are smart enough to read this and save yourself hundreds of dollars this Christmas.  I don’t normally write about financial issues since my …


Mind the Gap

Nathan Smith Bible, Christian Maturity, Family

I’ve had the privilege of spending a few days in London, England. Growing up watching movies set in London, it was so exciting to get to walk around and actually experience its history, charm and wonder. Getting around the city can be a challenge, so taking ‘the tube’ (subway) is the primary way for tourists to see the town. When …