What You Focus On Draws You In

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Have you ever caught yourself looking at a billboard while you were driving and found yourself start to drift into the next lane as result?  You didn’t mean to, it just happened because you were looking that direction while cruising down the road.  As simple as it seems, our lives work very similarly.  What you focus on draws you in.  …


Why I Still Handwrite Letters

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It’s 2018.  Everything is instant except for the stuff that matters.  Love still takes time to cultivate.  Friendship is still a work in progress.  True relationship is as hard as it has ever been though we like to fool ourselves with technology.  Truly we have more avenues to help us connect but unfortunately the speed of our technological connection has …


Come To The Quiet

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At the first of the year our church family takes time to pause, fast, pray and listen. I am doing the same. I’m going off of social media, taking a break from the blog and taking more time to listen, pray, write and reflect. If it’s been a while since you’ve done the same I would invite you to join …


Integrity Holds You Together

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The headlines over the last month have reminded us again of the true condition of our culture. One after another we have seen celebrity and media personalities be exposed for their dark sides and darker secrets. The tragedy goes much farther than the abuse many have experienced, horrible as that is.  Now, marriages, families, careers, and friendships are splintered because …