Hit The Gas

Hit the GAS not the Brake

Nathan Smith Perspective, Thought Provoking

I tend to be one that draws attention to the need for people to create margin, pull back, embrace Sabbath rest and generally ‘do less’.  I’ve written and talked about it much and I stand by the principles and challenges that I’ve laid out.  Our culture is obsessed with activity and distraction so there is certainly a need to be …

My Smartphone Ate My Prayer Life

Nathan Smith Technology, Thought Provoking

Quiet morning. Cup of coffee. Bible in hand and heart yearning for communion with the Lord.  Cat video. Refocused devotional reading. Calendar update. Prayer time…. sports highlight, great deal on Christmas gifts, birthday party invitation, reminder to pick the kids up from school today, you tube sensation, etc….  ‘Quiet time’ over. Time to go to work.  Ever been there?  The …