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Nathan self-published his first album ‘Less of Me’ in 2003. With that began Small Person Music, his musical ministry outlet.  Nathan has played on numerous other recordings for other artists. He also had the privilege to travel, perform and collaborate with many others including close friends, Big Daddy Weave. Nathan has written and published over 50 songs and continues to write, record and lead worship. Currently, an instrumental project yet to be named is in the works.

Uniquely Me, Completely Yours  
Originally released in 2008, UMCY was Nathan’s first collection of all original music. Ranging in subject matter and musical style UMCY demonstrates the broad interests and influences in Nathan’s life that he desires to employ and engage with in seeing the Kingdom of God expand in the earth.  Favorites include Enormous, King of My Heart, All Things New & I Want To Be Free.

Track Listing: 1. Going Up  2. You Are Welcome  3. Enormous  4. King of My Heart  5. Come Be The King (spontaneous)  6. Perfect Love  7. All Things New  8.  River [A Plan For Me]  9.  I Want to Be Free  10. Uniquely Me, Completely Yours  11. She Just Wants To Dance [Ellas’s Song]  12. My Father Knows My Name  13. Manifest the Mystery

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You Are My Hope [Live at The Refuge]  
Released in June of 2010 You Are My Hope is the first Live Worship CD from The Refuge. Eleven songs of hope that our church had sung over the years were captured in a series of nights of worship held at the church. The album includes congregational favorites such as ‘Everlasting God’ and the title track ‘ You Are My Hope’ and contains several original songs by Nathan such as King of My Heart, Always Be and New Wine.

Track Listing:  1. Glorious  2. I Adore You  3. Everlasting God  4. Open Up The Sky  5. King Of My Heart  6. New Wine  7. Running  8. Hosanna  9. I Need You   10. You Are My Hope   11. Always Be

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Brand New Day  
Released in May of 2005 Brand New Day was Nathan’s second solo album featuring good friend Mike Weaver of Big Daddy Weave on the title track.  Not only did Brand New Day mark a new level of growth and maturity in Nathan’s writing and production but it served to chronicle the move he and his family made from Alabama to North Carolina.  Favorites include Brand New Day, Amazed,  Refuge & Lucilene.

Track Listing: 1. Brand New Day 2. Better Than Life 3. Friend of God 4. Being a Friend (spontaneous) 5. Amazed 6. Refuge 7. Blessed Are Those 8. This Is Love 9. The Love of Christ 10. It Is Time 11. Lucilene

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Less of Me  
Released in 2003 and rereleased in 2010, Less of Me was Nathan’s first solo album recorded almost exclusively with one microphone and his first laptop computer.  Good friends Mike and Jay Weaver of Big Daddy Weave, Mark Moses, David Vest and several others donated their amazing musical gifts to help make this album a reality. Chronicling a very difficult season of growth and transition, Less of Me is a reminder of God’s goodness in trial. Favorites include Nothing But The Blood, Psalm 19 & Lord Over All.

Track Listing: 1. Not Be Shaken 2. Nothing But The Blood 3. Less of Me 4. My God Will Hear Me  5. I Want To Be Free 6. To Trust & To Pray 7. Psalm 19 8. Lord Over All 9. As Long As You Are God 10. Broken And Alone 11. Be Silent (instrumental)  12. Selah (2nd Edition Bonus Track)

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