If Salt Looses Its Saltiness

Please Pass the Salt 

Nathan Smith Bible, Christian Maturity

I have been pretty sick lately.  So much so that I was super late in getting my blog out for the week as I navigated sickness and tried to catch up from getting so far behind in several things.  A cold turned into a bad cold, which turned into a sinus infection which turned into yuck (there’s a point to this …


What’s the Big Deal About Israel?

Nathan Smith Bible, Jewish Roots

Maybe you’re not asking that question?  Should you be?  Is it not odd for a country the size of New Jersey to be in headline news week after week on TV screens all over the world?  Maybe the news you hear is all positive?  Maybe your perspective is mostly negative?  Regardless, you’ve heard something about this small nation and you …

I Need More Grey Hair In My Life

Nathan Smith Christian Maturity, Family

There are some things only time can teach you.  I know we don’t want to believe that anymore with our vast ‘knowledge’ and access to instant information via the internet and so many connected devices.  Yet, there is a difference between informational knowledge and wisdom.  By now, most of us understand that having all the right information won’t produce a …