My Smartphone Ate My Prayer Life

Nathan Smith Technology, Thought Provoking

Quiet morning. Cup of coffee. Bible in hand and heart yearning for communion with the Lord.  Cat video. Refocused devotional reading. Calendar update. Prayer time…. sports highlight, great deal on Christmas gifts, birthday party invitation, reminder to pick the kids up from school today, you tube sensation, etc….  ‘Quiet time’ over. Time to go to work.  Ever been there?  The …

Don't Hate

I Hate You

Nathan Smith Perspective, Thought Provoking

Life is complicated. With all the joys and wonders of sunsets, the laughter of children and autumn leaves changing color, there are equal amounts of pain and disappointments.  Each of us handle pain in a different way… some internalize it, others lash out. Regardless of our responses, the fact is we all deal with pain and we have to be …

Broke My Heart

God Broke My Heart

Nathan Smith Faith, Personal Stories

Faith is messy. Religion tries to convince us that everything can fit on some sort of ‘holy spreadsheet’ and that the math is pretty straight-forward. The logic goes like this: if you pray enough, or serve enough, then you climb the rungs of ‘prayers that can now be answered.’ As you ascend higher and higher, your elite status is confirmed …