If Salt Looses Its Saltiness

Please Pass the Salt 

Nathan Smith Bible, Christian Maturity

I have been pretty sick lately.  So much so that I was super late in getting my blog out for the week as I navigated sickness and tried to catch up from getting so far behind in several things.  A cold turned into a bad cold, which turned into a sinus infection which turned into yuck (there’s a point to this …

Men Can’t Birth Babies – Women Can’t Birth Adults

Nathan Smith Bible, Faith, Family, Thought Provoking

The role of ‘Father’ has been under attack for quite some time.  That is not to say women and mothers have not been mistreated or under appreciated; certainly they have.  But, there seems to be a clear understanding in our culture that the nurturing and tenderness of a mother is absolutely essential in the life of a child.  However, especially …