What’s the Big Deal About Israel?

Nathan Smith Bible, Jewish Roots

Maybe you’re not asking that question?  Should you be?  Is it not odd for a country the size of New Jersey to be in headline news week after week on TV screens all over the world?  Maybe the news you hear is all positive?  Maybe your perspective is mostly negative?  Regardless, you’ve heard something about this small nation and you …

Why Christians Should Celebrate Passover (or is that Easter?)

Nathan Smith Jewish Roots, Thought Provoking

The annual Jewish Feast of Passover starts this Friday Night and around the world Jews (and many Christians) will be celebrating the ‘passing over’ of the death angel in Egypt of every home which had the blood of the lamb on their doorposts (Exodus 12). We know Jesus is THE Passover Lamb. The ‘Last Supper’ was the Jewish Passover Seder meal …