What You Focus On Draws You In

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Have you ever caught yourself looking at a billboard while you were driving and found yourself start to drift into the next lane as result?  You didn’t mean to, it just happened because you were looking that direction while cruising down the road.  As simple as it seems, our lives work very similarly.  What you focus on draws you in.  …

thanks for nothing

Thanks For Nothing God

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I remember the last episode I ever watched of The Simpsons. The crass cartoon family was very popular when I was younger and somehow permeated pop culture with their quips and characters. Though it probably wasn’t the best of entertainment choices, I certainly got a kick out of their craziness. On this occasion the Simpson family all sat at the …

tell your story

3 Ways To Better Tell YOUR Story

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We live for stories. We really do. Your favorite book tells a story. Your favorite movie tells a story. Your most precious memories? They are your stories. Even the most pragmatic of people appreciate the power of story. Consultants and leadership professionals understand the best way to present practical advice in a way people can remember and apply it is …