My Smartphone Ate My Prayer Life

Nathan Smith Technology, Thought Provoking

Quiet morning. Cup of coffee. Bible in hand and heart yearning for communion with the Lord.  Cat video. Refocused devotional reading. Calendar update. Prayer time…. sports highlight, great deal on Christmas gifts, birthday party invitation, reminder to pick the kids up from school today, you tube sensation, etc….  ‘Quiet time’ over. Time to go to work.  Ever been there?  The …

Same Storm Different View

Same Storm Different View

Nathan Smith Perspective, Thought Provoking

One year ago, today, I started this blog called ‘The Best View in Town’. On November 1st 2015 I had about six ideas written out. They became my first six weekly blog posts. After that it was a mixture of fear, prayer, excitement and hard work to consistently have something to offer by the time the next Monday came around. …