willing to receive

Are You Willing To Receive?

Nathan Smith Life Skills, Relationships

Everyone loves getting a gift.  I think ‘free stuff’ may be one of my love languages!  It seems like a no-brainer that while people may be reluctant to give in certain areas of their lives, most people are always ready and willing to receive. When it comes to material things there’s a better chance of that statement being true.  However, …

Please Don’t Read This (the struggle with self promotion)

Nathan Smith Christian Maturity, Life Skills

You’ve been given a gift.  You have something unique to offer.  You’ve studied, worked hard and developed a skill or idea and now it’s ready to be put into action or taken to the marketplace.  There’s a problem though.  Nobody knows.  Seriously, they don’t.  Maybe your mom knows or a couple of close friends, but that is honestly about it.  …

Are You Strong Enough To Use Restraint?

Nathan Smith Christian Maturity, Faith, Thought Provoking

In our world today we are all about strengths. Maximize your strengths, stick with your strengths, play to your strengths. While I agree with some of the principles and concepts associated with the ‘strengths philosophy,’ I believe the most overlooked and underused strength is restraint. It does not take much skill, humility or wisdom to engage brute force.  However, the …