Drowning In Our Own Judgment

Nathan Smith Christian Maturity, Life Skills

‘She’s so full of herself.’ ‘All they think about is money.’ ‘He’s just saying sorry so he doesn’t look bad.’  For all the technological breakthroughs we’ve witnessed in the last 20 years, perhaps the thing the human race has advanced in the most is judgment.  With the rise in faceless communication, social media and endless op-eds people have become more …

good grief

Good Grief – The Pain That Heals All Others

Nathan Smith Christian Maturity, Life Skills

There is nothing enjoyable about hurting. People can say they like being sore after a workout or that they get a rush from muscling through challenging physical feats but, even still, it’s not pleasant.  What’s worse than physical pain is emotional pain.  Deep wounds that come from damaging words, abuse or the loss of a loved one are challenging to …


I Was In the Eye Of The Hurricane

Nathan Smith Personal Stories, Thought Provoking

Recently our nation has, once again, had it’s attention turned to the threats and devastation that hurricanes can bring. Thoughts and prayers have gone out to those directly in the path of these storms and reeling from it’s destruction. Let’s continue to pray for those mourning the loss of life and having to start over after having their homes washed …